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Darcy's Dialogues
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Arriving in Hertfordshire, and the Assembly ball
Confronting Wickham
A Pleasant Chat with Lady Catherine
The book!
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A fortuitous trip into the country
Louisa visits an old friend and is thereby inspired
Arriving at Netherfield
Won't you come to Hertfordshire, Fitzwilliam?
On the way to Netherfield with Mr. Hurst
Just arrived at Netherfield
The gentlemen espy some ladies in Meryton
The Meryton Assembly Ball
Bingley persuades Darcy to come to the assembly in Meryton
At the Meryton assembly ball (long) (Youtube)
Darcy is admonished by Bingley after the Meryton assembly
Louisa is concerned for Darcy's safety
In and around Meryton
Darcy meets Elizabeth on the streets of Meryton
In the dress shop
Louisa is even more concerned
After tea at Longbourn
Before going to Lucas Lodge
A gathering at Lucas Lodge (long)
Arriving back at Netherfield
Darcy returns to Netherfield
Louisa has an idea
Dining with Colonel Forster
Returning to Netherfield after dining with the officers
At Netherfield with Elizabeth
With Miss Bingley at breakfast while Jane is convalescing
With Elizabeth in the library
With Miss Bingley in the library
With Louisa
Mr. Hurst tries to help
The Netherfield Ball
As the Netherfield Ball is starting (long)
The Netherfield Ball (long)
Leaving Netherfield for good
Back in London
Moping around London with Bingley
Georgiana learns about Elizabeth
Off to Rosings
Darcy's valet helps things along
Off to Rosings early
With Anne de Bourgh
With Colonel Fitzwilliam
Lady Catherine tries to pin Darcy down
Anne is upset with Darcy
Disaster strikes at Hunsford
Bumping into Elizabeth near Hunsford
Trying to write the letter to Elizabeth
Commiserating with Anne
Colonel Fitzwilliam has the wrong idea
In London again
Georgiana wonders about Elizabeth
An old friend comes to visit
Off to Pemberley with the Bingleys
Darcy's valet stops for an ale
Darcy's valet beseeches Mrs. Reynolds
On the road to Pemberley with Caroline and Georgiana
Elizabeth is touring Pemberley
Darcy bumps into Elizabeth at Pemberley
Elizabeth wants to escape Pemberley fast
A surprise for Georgiana
Bingley wants to come
Miss Bingley is annoyed
Tea at Pemberley
Georgiana and Elizabeth have tea
With Mrs. Gardiner during tea
Louisa and Mrs. Gardiner at tea
Miss Bingley insults Elizabeth
Post-mortem with Louisa after tea
Hurst tries to help again
Georgiana and Mrs. Reynolds
Wickham strikes
Getting some help from Mrs. Reynolds
Georgiana wonders why everyone is leaving so suddenly
Darcy tracks down Wickham in London (Youtube)
With Mr. Gardiner after the marriage
Darcy has to explain his doings to Georgiana
Persuading Bingley to return to Netherfield
Hertfordshire or bust
Back at Netherfield
Visiting Longbourn
Visiting Oakham Mount
An evening party at Longbourn (long)
Returning to London
Discouraged in London
With Lady Catherine after she has spoken to Elizabeth (Youtube)
Darcy's valet helps again
Lizzy or bust
Congratulating Jane on her engagement
Darcy takes the plunge
Darcy proposes again
Asking for Mr. Bennet's consent
With Mrs. Bennet while waiting for the final consent
Georgiana arrives at Netherfield
Enjoying Lizzy's company
Lady Catherine descends upon Netherfield
Lady Catherine arrives
Lady Catherine and Georgiana
Lady Catherine and Anne
Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet
Lady Catherine and Jane
Lady Catherine and Elizabeth
Miss Bingley's return
Breaking the good news to Miss Bingley
Miss Bingley encounters Georgiana
Miss Bingley encounters Lady Catherine
Miss Bingley encounters Lizzy
Georgiana sees something surprising
A good time is had by Lizzy and Darcy
Freckles (Naughty)
Logistics (Naughty)
Elizabeth leads Darcy to a secluded forest location
Where's the book? Time is running out
Lizzy won't give Darcy a chance to study the book
Time for bed after the wedding celebration (Naughty)
Waking up together for the first time (Naughty) (upd Dec 28)
Life at Pemberley
Darcy shows Lizzy the book
A lazy Saturday morning at Pemberley (Naughty)