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Upon Meeting Elizabeth Bennet in London

Oh Lizzy dear -- to see you here is grand!
It's been so long; I don't mean to infringe
but does our ancient Meryton still stand?
The thought of that old relic makes me cringe.

I can't stay long -- in half an hour I'll meet
a lady whose appearance here I dread.
To snub this woman would be indiscreet.
My husband, bless his heart, will have my head.

This lady has procured herself a groom
whose house in far-off Derbyshire is grand.
This beneficial marriage I presume
resulted from a clever scheme she planned.

This man had been elusive for so long,
forever keeping vultures well at bay.
I'm sure he tried to disregard her song,
but now he's just another foolish prey.

I've heard she had pursued this man until
his heart became enamoured of her youth.
Her goings-on have filled the rumour mill.
It's gossip, yes, but gossip holds some truth.

His name is Darcy -- oh, you look surprised!
I'm sure you haven't met him in your state.
To claim acquaintance cannot be advised:
the circles where he moves are far too great.

Oh look, there is a carriage standing near
with Darcy's ancient crest upon its doors.
I wonder if the man himself is here.
What ho! You say that carriage there is yours?