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The "Pemberley Pen Pals" Series
A sequel to "Pride and Prejudice"
Elizabeth Darcy has friend and foe to deal with as she and Jane await the birth of their babies.
Lady Catherine's Pen Pal
Against her better judgement, Lady Catherine succumbs to Elizabeth's requests to visit Pemberley, but she is waylaid on the journey.
(2,800 words)
Jane Bingley's Pen Pals
There is lots of action at Pemberley as poor Jane is inundated with letters from almost everyone she knows.
(3,500 words)
Louisa Hurst's Pen Pal
Jane's baby is coming soon, and everyone is now at Netherfield. Poor Louisa Hurst is stranded amongst the rabble without her sister to comfort her.
(2,750 words)
Caroline Bingley's Pen Pals
Caroline Bingley is persuaded in a most gentle manner to come to Pemberley.
(2,000 words)
Pemberley Pen Pals
Everyone you can imagine is at Pemberley awaiting the arrival of Lizzy's baby.
(4,600 words)
The book!
The entire Pen Pals series in book form
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After Pride and Prejudice
A work in progress
This is an expanded retelling of the "Pen Pals" series, in prose, from the points of view of a variety of Elizabeth Darcy's loved ones.