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The "After Pride and Prejudice" Series
An expansion of the "Pen Pals" series of letters
Everyone that Elizabeth Darcy knows eventually converges on Pemberley in time for the birth of her baby.
A work in progress
Lady Catherine comes to Pemberley
Against her better judgement, Lady Catherine succumbs to Elizabeth's requests for her to visit Pemberley, but she is waylaid on the way there. (6650 words)
Mister Bennet comes to Pemberley
Mister Bennet must suffer the company of a rather disagreeable gender during the long journey to Pemberley. (1350 words)
Mrs. Bennet arrives at Pemberley
Mrs. Bennet is quite in awe of Pemberley. (950 words)
Mister Bennet copes with Pemberley
Mister Bennet finds that his only male companion at Pemberley is his new son-in-law. (1000 words)